ADR Resolutions provides a world-class investigation service to clients when dispute resolution is either inappropriate or has not been successful. 


Our leading experts provide a unique investigation service, providing legal and financial expertise, specializing in the fields of:

Fraud, Bribery, and Corruption

Financial and Forensic Accounting investigations

Regulatory and Legal compliance

Serious staff misconduct

With a team of world-class specialists drawn from former senior police officers, regulatory lawyers, and senior investigating officers, our investigations are conducted objectively and comprehensively to withstand internal and external scrutiny and to the highest standards for civil (balance of probabilities) and criminal (beyond reasonable doubt) evidential thresholds.

"Our organisation commissioned Gary Rogers to investigate a complex Whistle Blowing complaint comprising several interrelated areas. Gary responded very quickly and kept me, the person responsible for managing the process, fully informed and was throughout available by phone (almost immediately or with a call back in a short time) or by email. He was also supportive to me as commissioning officer because the process was not only stressful to the complainant but also to me. I found that was beyond my expectations and very welcome.

The complainant also found Gary’s response to be quick and the work conducted with speed and care. Where there were potential complex issues Gary did not assume he knew the entire situation and referred to me for clarity. When the report was issued Gary was available for further questions and to offer further support should it be needed.

In my experience this is unusual and was, again, most welcome."

Board level Manager in the Higher Education industry.


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